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What is LOCKET?

Simply put, LOCKET is a digital inventory of your memories, valuables and intentions: a way to let loved ones know of any smaller sentimental items you might like them to have after you’ve passed away. But if you’ve heard the terms ‘Will’ and ‘Letter of Wishes’ you might be thinking: what’s the difference? And how does LOCKET work?

A Book of Things I wanted to say but never did

What’s special about LOCKET?

You may already have a Will. If you do, you’ll know that these documents are ideal for dealing with sums of money or larger assets. But what about items of sentimental value? For these, you might rely on a ‘Letter of Wishes’ - a supplementary text that expresses your wishes with greater detail than a Will. 

However, writing a letter and keeping this with your Will at a solicitor’s office has its downsides in modern life: it can’t be amended or expanded easily or without cost. Moreover, a simple piece of text cannot hope to capture your wishes with specificity, or answer your loved ones' questions after you've passed away (e.g. ‘Auntie Hazel, when you said you wanted to leave Sally your ring with the blue stone, did you mean the sapphire ring or the topaz one?’).

Please note: if you have - or intend to make - a Will, you can choose to refer to LOCKET as your Letter Of Wishes.

A lady gently blowing a dandilion head and making a wish

So much more than a Letter of Wishes

LOCKET fulfils the role of a conventional Letter of Wishes – and so much more. It exists in a convenient digital form and can be updated as often as you like. Within your Locket ‘Vault’, you’re able to collate and curate records of your precious possessions (documenting items photographically, if you wish), appoint Guardians to carry out your wishes, allocate valuables to specific Beneficiaries, and even leave behind notes and explanations for your Beneficiaries (to ensure they understand what has been left to them - and why).

A raccoon chilling on a tree stump

LOCKET makes it easy

With LOCKET, you don't have to sit down and stress about authoring a comprehensive list of people and things that you care about. As ideas pop into your head, you can simply capture them. LOCKET’s been designed to fully crystallise your intentions and illuminate your wishes with as much personality as you’d like: helping to avoid confusion following your passing, as well as bringing great comfort to your loved ones.

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