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5 Day FREE Trial

5 day completely FREE trial. Try out the App and Portal , and see if  it is right for you.


No Subscription or Apple Pay required.


Quarterly Subscription

A quarterly subscription of £10.99 for 3 months. Ideal if you are unsure and want to see if LOCKET is right for you.

Apple Pay required.


Annual Subscription

An annual subscription of £28.99 per year. Great value.

Apple Pay required.


Lifetime Subscription

A one-off, lifetime payment of £299.99, with free access to all future features and enhancements. Ideal if, over a long time, you want to build up a library of special memories to share with your family.

Apple Pay required.

Please note


All subscriptions are securely managed and controlled by Apple Pay.

All subscriptions auto-renew, bar Lifetime Subscription which is a one-off upfront payment.

All subscriptions can be cancelled by you at any time

No bank or card details are held by our system.

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