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Remembrance Sunday 2022

Today we paid our respects at the Cheltenham cenotaph at the Remembrance Sunday Service. The weather was ridiculously warm pushing 16 degree Celsius. I was wearing my poppy with pride and Great Grandad William Miller's military bar, something I have shown and talked about on the TikTok channel. I was also wearing my 1916-2016 badge that marked the trip to the Somme, with my Dad, to observe the 100 years since the death of my Uncle Arthur Herbert Cockram.

Boer War Statue - me, Pops and Max
Remembrance Sunday 2022

He died of his wounds a few days after sustaining them at the start of the 3rd Somme offensive on the 15th September. He was 19, and one of the 1st Surrey Rifles that took the High Woods ridge from the Germans. It was the first time Tanks had been used in war - rather ineffectively by all accounts.

In the afternoon I sat down with Matt to create some more TikTok content. During that I spoke about Uncle Arthur - the uncle I never met - and read a poem that I wrote to him while I was out in France in 2016. It still chokes me up to this day.

Makeshift studio
Creating TikTok content

During the making of LOCKET, I've become more aware and conscious of my ancestry. Documenting them and storing their stories and history is only one way LOCKET has influenced my life, for the better. I can pass on this information to my next of kin, in a simple and fun way that brings them to life.

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