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#1 Inconvenient Fact

A common rationale for not making a Will is

"I don't need one yet"

shortly followed by

"I'll do one nearer the time"!

"Nearer the time". When's that then? Aren't we all inexorably moving nearer that future moment? Is there a shared collective hallucination that Death will turn up, like the character from Terry Pratchett’s disc world novels, tap you on the shoulder and ask if you wouldn't mind packing your bags and getting your affairs in order, as you are getting off at the next stop whether you like it or not.

Prepare to be disappointed. Worse still, prepare your next of kin to be disappointed too. Is this fantasy a necessary coping strategy for avoiding the biggest unknown in all humanity, if not in all of Life itself? It's the greateat 'pay-off' of all time!

Unless you are on death row, or queued up outside a certain clinic in Switzerland, your "time" is a known unknown. You know it's coming, but not sure when. Imagine an old semi-circular parking meter if you will. Except this one only takes one coin, your Life coin. Your time runs out somewhere between "way too soon" and "can we get this over with please!". The cruelty is you never know how long you've got on the meter - it's just gonna run out at some point - and probably at a most inconvenient moment.

Wills are a big investment of time and effort. You have to get professionals in to dot the i's and cross the t's. You think you're covered, but every now and again, you have to go through everthing all over again and check nothing has changed. You might store up a number of changes, thinking I'll make them all together to save money - “I've got time” - and then ping - your time has expired. Oh well - you did your best. Better an out of date Will than no Will at all, right?

Imagine if you were able to make changes on the fly, at your own convenience, immediately. Maybe not a Will, as that needs professional oversight, but for all the smaller flotsom and jetsom that you have decided to detail, say in a Letter of Wishes. Traditionally these get bundled up with the Will and end up just as inflexible to access and change.

With Locket that has all changed. It's a Letter of Wishes for the digital generation, and it does so much more than record your wishes. Use photos, use video, record your voice, capture messages. Leave a digital trail of intentions, all the time, in the moment, as they cross your mind. It's liberating.

That way, when the parking meter of Life decides it's time for you to move on, sling your hook and throw off this mortal coil, your thoughts, intentions, insights and considerations will all be bang up to date and there to help the bereaved handle your absence.

Download LOCKET today for a completely free 5 day trial. Let us know if you need longer and we can help you out.

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