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LOCKET lingo: what’s a CIRCLE?

In LOCKET lingo, your CIRCLE is a group of your loved ones (AKA Beneficiaries): anyone you might wish to leave something to. Whether it’s a prized possession or something with sentimental value, LOCKET will help you to ensure that there’s no confusion over who gets what – and why.

Image by Brock Wegner

LOCKET lingo: what’s My Locket?

When you obtain your very own LOCKET, your My Locket will probably be your number-one destination: it’s the digital keeper of all your possessions and wishes. Within My Locket, you have the freedom to collate and curate records of your precious memories, keepsakes and wishes (from holiday photos, trinkets to messages).

Image by Marek Studzinski

LOCKET lingo: what’s a GUARDIAN?

Finally, we have GUARDIAN: a small group of people (up to 4) who have very important roles to fulfil. They alone will have the power to ‘unlock’ your LOCKET and convey your wishes to your chosen CIRCLE.

If you have a Will, we'd highly recommend that you ask your appointed Executors to be your LOCKET GUARDIANs, too. This will ensure that, when it comes to carrying out your wishes, they have the full picture.

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