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Start to crystallise your intentions here

  • LOCKET is a digital Letter Of Wishes that enables you to capture your intentions for your valued physical and digital possessions in an organic manner. It provides crystal clear instructions to your next of kin concerning your wishes, helping to insure against misunderstandings and reduce the chances of conflict after you have passed.

  • Instant 5 day free trial after registering. Other than an email address, you are good to go.

  • We offer 3 pricing options: thereafter​, all through Apple Pay, so we never ask for your card details and you can cancel at any time!

Apple iPhone/iPad/Mac (iOS 13+, macOS 12+)

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Coming Soon

LOCKET helps you to collate an album of persons, organisations or charities you wish to leave valuables to. You are able to create and maintain a digital Circle of loved ones.

LOCKET helps to catalogue your treasured physical, and digital, assets using new or existing photographs. You are able to create and maintain the contents of a digital Vault of valuables. 

LOCKET helps you match items in your Vault to members of your Circle.

LOCKET stores all your intentions in a secure private Cloud.

After subscription LOCKET helps you ask members of your Circle to become LOCKET Guardians. These members agree to take care of the execution of your wishes after you have gone.

LOCKET provides both a secure web portal through which you're able to review your wishes, and - eventually, after you've passed - a way of unlocking your LOCKET.

Once unlocked by your Guardians, members of your Circle can access the parts of your LOCKET that are relevant to them, and - if they wish - review any items you've left to them (all of which will be stored in your LOCKET Vault)


No need to waste time rekeying all the details: LOCKET can reuse your Phone contacts.

LOCKET uses Apple Pay to subscribe.

LOCKET can use Face or Touch ID for a quick and secure login.

LOCKET can access your Photo Library.

Want to leave information or messages about a valuable or for a specific Circle member? No problem. LOCKET allows you to capture text, photo, video and voice media.

LOCKET allows bulk matching of valuables to a member.

LOCKET allows you to search for a member.

LOCKET allows you to search for a valuable.

LOCKET allows you to group valuables into collections.

My LOCKET Portal

The LOCKET portal is how you review your intentions; and your Circle access your intentions after you have passed.

Screenshot 2022-07-13 at 20.18.38.png

My LOCKET Portal

Preview what your Guardians will eventually see. Check you haven't missed anyone or anything out.

Screenshot 2022-07-13 at 20.19.18.png

Preview what your Beneficiaries will see

Check what you have left them. Images, videos, voice message.

Screenshot 2022-07-13 at 20.19.39.png

Maintain your contact details

Keep your contact details up to date in private. They can only be seen when a Benefactor passes by a Guardian who may want to contact you.

Personal LOCKET contact details
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