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My Locket

LOCKET: a record of your memories, items and wishes and so much more

Looking after life's little treasures

Thinking about what may happen when you pass on is never easy. LOCKET is here to make the process as comfortable as possible for you and your loved ones. 


Available as an iPhone/iPad App, with a portal viewer, LOCKET offers an affordable, mobile way to detail your wishes for smaller sentimental items – whatever stage of life you’re at.

With version 1.2 of LOCKET, you can now share photo previews with members of your Circle.

Why LOCKET is so much more than a personal diary or Letter of Wishes (LoW)

Picture at a concert

Easily identify your intentions

LOCKET is all about using your phone camera to take pictures and videos of people and things. You can still use words to describe them, organise and find them.


With a LoW you have to be very precise and descriptive, to avoid confusion. See 'about us' for the story on why LOCKET was created.

Brain Sketch

Let them see you and hear your thoughts

Like in Ricky Gervais's After Life series on Netflix, you can leave video messages to your loved ones. You can pass on your thoughts, your wishes, your love; or just instructions on how to change a light bulb. It's up to you. Feeling shy, you can leave voice only messages too.

With a LoW, you can only leave the written word.

Reading with Magnifying Glass

Easy for your Guardians to find

You can review the contents of your LOCKET using the LOCKET website. You can also let your Circle know about it anytime, so they will know where to look when the time comes.

With a LoW you can leave it in a safe place or with your lawyer in a fire proof safe.

App Design

Use your Phone Contacts

You can just pick from your existing contacts. You don't have to retype their name, email or phone number.


Better still, you can invite them to keep their contact details up to date, so that you don't have to! 

With a LoW, you will need to retrieve it and update it every time they change phone number or email addresses.- or not, and just for the best.


Widen your view

Pass on your thoughts and items not just to your next of kin, but to your friends. Go as wide as you like, there is no limit to the size of your circle or room in your vault.


With a LoW you won't want to go to this level of detail, but with LOCKET you can. 

Pictures on a wall

Use your Photo Library

You don't have to take a photograph of the thing or person, but if you want to you can. Equally you can reuse your existing Photo library on your phone to upload to LOCKET.

With a LoW you could print out a photograph and include it in the envelope - maybe staple it to the relevant page to avoid confusion and make it explicit.

Learning to use smartphone

Easily added to and changed

With LOCKET on your Phone you can quickly and conveniently add to, or modify, the contents of your Locket. You don't have to sit down and think about everything all in one go. You can modify it as and when the thoughts come to you.

With a LoW, every time you want to change it you have to find that document, update it, delete the older version, print out the new version, then get it stored safely.

Family Photo Album

Catalogue your Life and Family Ancestry

Capture your favourite holiday photos, and pass them on. Assemble on your family history with images from your archive. Capture what you know and pass it on. LOCKET is a great place to pass these memories on from generation to generation.

With a LoW it's not really suitable for anything like this.

Picture at a concert

Easy Access

Like a Locket, LOCKET is always with you in your Phone. It's available to you 24/7. When a thought comes to you, it can be captured there and then. It works with both FaceID and TouchID on Apple phones, or you can type your password in if you so choose.

With a LoW you'll need to contact the keeper, or open up your safe, to retrieve the document(s), find the right one, then make the changes. Then reseal it and put it back. Let's hope you don't forget the change you wanted to make!

Do you have Concerns?

over who will inherit your personal valuables after you die?

Do you have a Will?

​but need help detailing your sentimental possessions?

Do you have a Wish?

to leave behind a digital ‘treasure trove’ of content (photographs, for example) for your loved ones to enjoy freely after you pass away?

​​LOCKET is the answer. A digital letter of wishes, LOCKET will help record your intentions for life’s little treasures – everything from trinkets to sentimental keepsakes. It provides crystal clear instructions to your next of kin concerning your wishes, helping to insure against misunderstandings and reduce the chances of conflict or confusion following your passing.

Available for less than £3 per month with an Apple Pay subscription, LOCKET is a cost-effective, secure way to ensure your wishes will be heard.

Can I try Locket for free?

Yes. Try before you buy with our five-day trial – which is completely free of charge.

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